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She Inspires Writing Retreat

A Supportive Writing Experience for those that have always wanted to share their story in a book.

Begins October 1-3, 2021

Each and every one of us have a story living inside of us, begging to be told.

We heal ourselves and others when we let our truth be seen.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

- Maya Angelou

Designed specifically for deep connection and collaboration to help you achieve your writing goals

This experience is specifically for you if you have:

Longed to share your story

Felt a lack of confidence

Needed some encouragement

Others need to hear your story, your unique experience, your voice.

And this course, this project is designed to support you in getting your story, your voice, your truth out into the world. 

Writing a book doesn’t have to be an arduous, lonely process.  

You don’t have to do it alone. The “She Inspires Collective Book Writing Retreat” is designed to not only support you in telling your story, but to connect you with a group of women who will cheer you on as you do so.

Together we rise.

Together we inspire.

Together we overcome.

3-Day Virtual Retreat

During this weekend retreat, we will guide you into the writing process and support you in writing your own inspiring chapter, which will be joined by a dozen other stories of like-minded women.

Weekend 3-Day Virtual Retreat

Weekend 3-Day Virtual Retreat

Continued Support

4 Weeks of writing support to finish your chapter

Editing & Publishing

Book Edited and Published through Clear Fork Publishing’s Imprint Rise


Digital and physical copies of your book

The Virtual Retreat

During the 3 day writing retreat, we will activate all our senses using yoga, movement, meditation, flower tea and cacao to get us into an optimal creative state. 

Peak State

We have specific blends of tea and cacao to really get your heart and mind flowing into a peak writing state. You’ll get all the recipes before the retreat, and can make them in your home.

Find Your Voice

You’ll learn specific practices to unlock your creative potential and to open your voice. Then, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of writing your story.

By the end of the retreat, you’ll have your first draft ready.

4 Weeks Follow-Up Support

Following the retreat, we will have 4 weeks of online support to get your chapter refined and ready to be published.


Following the retreat, we will have 4 weeks of online support to get your chapter refined and ready to be published.

We’ve thought of everything to make this EASY for you! 

Every woman has a beautiful story to be unearthed.

What will we write about?

Our theme for this collection of women’s stories is “She Inspires.”

This is a place for you to share your story of inspiration, no matter how small or grand

It’s a place to share about…

  • The heartache that almost broke you
  • The tragedy you overcame
  • The healing journey you’ve been on
  • The courageous adventure you undertook
  • The lonely, quiet moments where you carried on
  • The grief you walked through
  • The story of all of you

Retreat Schedule

Prior to the retreat, you’ll receive your welcome kit with your workbooks plus recipes for cacao and tea during the weekend. 

5-7pm Welcome Circle and “Invocation of the Muse” Tea Ceremony

10am Cacao & Yoga Flow

11am – 12pm Writer’s Release Session

12 – 1pm Lunch Break & Free Journaling

1pm -3pm Write Your Story Workshop with Callie  

3-4pm Q&A with Callie & Suzanne

11am – 12pm Cacao & Dance Flow 

12 – 1pm Lunch Break & Free Journaling 

1pm - 3pm Refining Your Story Workshop with Callie 

3-4pm Guided Meditation and Integration

We will have a weekly group call for 4 weeks following the event, where Callie will help you put the finishing touches on your story.  

If you’ve been waiting to write a book, wanting to write a book for years – NOW IS YOUR TIME! By the end of this summer, your book, your chapter, your story will be ready for the world.  And the best part – you’ll have fun doing it with a group of soul sisters!

Join Us For

She Inspires Writing Retreat

Begins October 1-3, 2021

Meet Your Hosts​

As a health and wellness practitioner, Suzanne combines the benefits of movement, meditation and holistic living with superfoods to bring about healing: emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is passionate about sharing her work with flower teas and super foods from the Middle East and Asia internationally.

Callie is the founder of ClearFork Media as well as a published author. While writing has been her lifetime passion, and she recently has added a yoga studio to her portfolio of companies. Together, Suzanne and Callie are weaving holistic living and creative expression into their offering.

Suzanne Zephyr
Master Facilitator & Women’s Leadership Coach

American by design, Suzanne has been building her experience in the world through roles ranging from a corporate oil trader to a dance and yoga teacher. She spent over a decade living in the Middle East & Asia, where worked her way up to a prestigious executive director level position.

She eventually left the corporate world to pursue building her passions which led to her own business, combining live events as well as corporate and private coaching. Supporting others in the journey to their heart, to finding their inner wild, to their own freedom, brings her the greatest joy.

Currently, Suzanne is a Professor of Business at Texas Christian University, where she enjoys sharing her wealth of experience with students. In her coaching business, she continues to run an annual women’s leadership training and mentors private clients through life and business. When she’s not busy teaching, leading and facilitating, she is fully engrossed with being an independent mamma to her little boy, Kaileb. She’s also an avid AcroYoga enthusiast and loves rock climbing, hiking and kayaking.
Callie Metler
Writer, Publisher & CEO

With a heart filled with passion and a big dream, Callie Metler founded Clear Fork Media in 2009 with the acquisition of the Stamford American. In 2013, she added Noteworthy Bookstore and Clear Fork Publishing which she operates out of her corner business on the square in Stamford, Texas.

In 2016, she acquired the Throckmorton Tribune, the county newspaper for Throckmorton County. Recently, Callie expanded her growing company. She is excited to partner with Blue Whale Press, founded by Steve Kemp and Alayne Kay Christian, and Dancing Flamingo Press, a new imprint founded by Lynne Marie.

When she’s not managing, marketing, and #girlboss-ing Metler is working on books of her own. She is the illustrator for the Enchanted Snow Globe Chapter Book series written by Melissa Stoller and has written books: Swensons, Penick, and the TCR and Ben’s West Texas Snow. Her third book, How to Babysit a Logan, tells the reader about autism from the perspective of her son Logan’s cat. When Metler is not working, she loves spending time with her two sons, Logan and Ben.
Join Us For

She Inspires Writing Retreat

Begins October 1-3, 2021


As well as the Retreat and Followup sessions you’ll also receive these bonusus

Magic Marketing for Your Book
$480 Value

Callie Metler’s short course on marketing your book gives you all the tools you need to really step up and share your book with the world. She shares super tips that have helped hundreds of authors to share their books and market their story.

The Connector Guided Meditation & Activation

$249 Value

This guided meditation and activation is only available through Suzanne Zephyr’s signature cacao facilitator training. The guided meditation journey takes you deep into your subconscious to clear the blocks that are keeping you from sharing your voice from the heart. You’ll receive both the audio and an accompanying pdf.

Self Care for Writers

$279 Value

After years of working with writers and going through her own healing journey, Callie created this specialty course which includes yoga for writers, writers’ meditations and daily rituals to keep your creative juices flowing.

Got a question?

We’ve got a few answers that might help 😉

If you're not available to attend live, all will be recorded and you can watch replays.  Additionally, we may do a second writer's retreat later in the year.  Stay tuned!

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.  Whey you click the link to register/join, you'll be directed to a payment page.

You also have the option of using our payment plan. 

You'll receive two copies of the book, and you'll be able to order as many copies of the book at wholesale price as you'd like. You're welcome to sell them yourself as well. 

Each chapter will be approximately 2,000 words, but you'll have some leeway with this, depending on your personal story.