The Tao of Flower Tea

A 4 Week Ceremonial Tea Training

Life is full of unpredictable energy, unbalanced harmonies, and can leave us feeling like we are sentenced to learn through pain, suffering, and challenges. However, there is an abundance of learning to be experienced through JOY. Through ceremonial awakenings of your inner feminine archetypes, we can learn her lessons through joy and bliss. The prominent energy of flowers is that of JOY! This is one of the highest vibrations we can attain on the emotional scale. Flowers have many lessons to teach us, from sharing our true colors with the world to embracing the ephemeral nature of life.

A 4 Week Ceremonial Tea Training
The Divine energy calls to women who:

The Divine energy calls to women who:

Need an extra boost to their JOY in life.

Need an anchor into earth’s rhythms during challenging cycles

Are healers/teachers who would like to begin using flower teas in their offerings

Want to connect to their womb and moon cycle

Get acquainted with your inner feminine archetypes to:

  • Deeply understand your connection to nature, seasons, and cycles, including your own moon cycle.
  • Experience, learn, and store a series of ceremonies that you can use over and over for your own practice and growth.
  • Be initiated into the Way of Flowers and be able to share these ceremonies with others, if you are inspired to do so.
  • Use these ceremonies as a way of working with clients or groups.
  • Learn the alchemy of transforming the mundane into JOY.

This body of work came to me during my birthing year in Bali, where I was deeply initiated into the feminine cycles and rhythms as they are expressed in nature, especially flowers. Bali is known as the “Isle of the Gods,” and ceremony is a daily part of the locals’ lives. The island is abundant with fresh flowers year-round, and these flowers are used daily in their offerings and rituals. This series was originally offered in live ceremony events, in the heart of Ubud, at my birthing portal. Ubud, in the local dialect, means “medicine.” This powerful place was the womb space from which I created this training.

Tao Tea Ceremony Training is a 4-week training, coordinated with the lunar cycles and the feminine archetypes that govern each cycle.

Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Grandmother are the archetypes that correlate with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Each archetype and season has her place in the lunar cycle, and a heavenly flower tea to activate her.

Each tea and divinely choreographed ceremony is uniquely connected to a different archetype, all of which live within each woman, empowering us with grace and love.

Meet the Lunar Flower Archetypes

Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Grandmother.

All exist within us, sharing their unique energies and strengths at different phases of the moon cycle. The more we connect to these archetypes,
embodying their strengths in all seasons of our lives, the more gracefully we move as women through all the phases of being.

The Maiden:

Devoted to connecting to the vivacious energy of the dancing nymphs, mermaids, and fairies, this flower tea is light, fresh, and pure.

  • Fresh, bright, pure and playful in her erotic innocence, curious, adventurous, discovering the world.
  • She’s following her star
  • Finding her strength and passion
  • She devotes herself to learning
  • She devotes herself to learning
  • She dances with wonder and awe
  • A warrior when she needs to be…
  • And also a princess.
  • She stays up all night, dancing, flirting…
  • And then sometimes she wakes up early to practice her art.
  • She dances with the flowers and plays in the breeze.
  • Her lessons are self-love, being true to herself, and following her heart.

This ceremony will awaken the maiden within, and we will learn to nourish her, to support her, to celebrate her, to listen to her. 

The Mother:

Devoted to the unconditional love and acceptance of the mother, this flower tea will open your heart to it’s is warming, sensual, calming qualities.

The greatest love is born the first time a mother holds a baby in her arms. At that moment, her precious life is disintegrated into a completely new paradigm where love takes on a whole new dimension.

The mother’s energy is all-encompassing, unconditionally loving, selfless, and giving.  At the same time, a mother knows that giving and receiving must go hand in hand so that the cycle of life may continue.

Whether you are a mother of children or not, your inner child longs for the gentle touch and the strength of your inner mother.

This ceremony will awaken the mother within, and we will learn to nourish her, support her, celebrate her, and listen to her. 

The Enchantress:

Delectable to all of the senses this flower tea is spicy and even bitter, yet exquisite, exotic, and for a discerning palate. It is devoted to connecting to the magic of the wise enchantress. 

Enchantress. Shamaness. Midwife. Maga. Wise Woman.

  • She is known by many names. Her nature is that of change. Her power is magic. Her gift is wisdom.
  • She has danced and played as a maiden.
  • She has given her all as a mother.
  • She has the experience of life in her fingertips, her words, her deep gaze.
  • She is clearing out, letting go, making amends, reclaiming lost parts of herself.
  • She is putting the final touches on her regal throne, so she can sit in peace and wear her well-deserved crown.
  • Gone are the days of people-pleasing and second-guessing. She knows who she is.
  • She comes to speak to us, through the wisdom of nature, telling of beauty in both the rising and setting sun. She teaches us the joy of letting go.
  • This ceremony will awaken the wise enchantress archetype within, and we will learn to nourish her, listen to her wise voice within, to value her magic, to embody her healing.

The Grandmother:

This flower tea is relaxing, dreamy, activating our intuition, and is devoted to connecting with the wisdom of the old grandmother within.

The Queen. The Crone. The Grandmother. The Elder. The Sage

She is the embodiment of wisdom.  She has gone through all the phases, and now her spirit shines through.

After spiraling through life, she wears her ‘crone’ (meaning crown) of experience, the reward of a life lived fully. Her prize for this journey is now a time of seeding, incubation, and deep rest.

Having journeyed far both physically and esoterically, she now engages a much deserved period of seeding, incubation, and deep rest. It’s a time of reflection and returning to a peaceful silence.  The body goes into winter, the soul burns brighter, connecting to the universal mind, bringing back treasures from Dreamtime.

 This ceremony will awaken the noble queen archetype within and we will learn to navigate the realms of Spirit and Dreamtime.

Each of the four weeks of this training will cover a different Tea Ceremony and associated archetype, giving you plenty of time to explore the joy and power unleashed in each experience, and in yourself.

Start Date: Solstice – 21 June – Opening Circle

In this training, you will receive:

  • 4 guided ceremonies

To gently and joyfully lead you, and your client’s, into the embrace of each archetype, seasonal cycle, and feminine power. 

  • 4 ceremony template workbooks

To support reflection and encourage you, and your client’s, to truly dive deep and unpack the qualities of each unique tea and archetype within you.

  • 4 tea recipes

Uniquely blended to arouse the energy of each archetype and awaken your divine connection to nature, self, and source.

  • 4 meditations

To promote release, relaxation, and full embodiment of the joy and blissful energy created during the ceremonies, and allow you to learn from the deep connection you forge.

This round will be done LIVE so you are able to interact with each ceremony.  We will also have a dedicated private Facebook group for the duration of the course.

Your enrollment will benefit mothers of color blossoming into motherhood. Black women are 4x more likely to die in childbirth in America. Project Mother path is an organization that serves as a fiscal sponsor for black-owned birth centers and organizations.

20% of all proceeds will be donated to Project Motherpath

Juicy Bonuses to Help You Blossom

  • Bonus 1: Activating Sacred Space Masterclass

This powerful masterclass by Suzanne Zephyr gives you an overview of how to set up sacred space and activate your ceremonies. A $279 value!

  • Bonus 2: Leadership and Guiding Others in Ceremony with Incan High Priestess Qorianka

This co-created masterclass with Incan High Priestess Qorianka will give you the insight and tools you need to effectively guide others through ceremony under ideal and not-so-ideal circumstances. A $279 value!

  • Bonus 3: Sensual Selling with Dr. Amanda Noelle

Learn how to sensually sale your divinely inspired offering, ceremony event or online package.  Dr. Amanda shares her juiciest secrets to selling and growing her 6 figure business. A $279 value!

  • Bonus 4: The Sensual Muse Activation

This activation is normally only available with the full Wild Cacao Facilitator Training, but will be offered to all the new initiates in the Tao of Flower Tea as an extra bonus. The Sensual Muse activates the sacral chakra and the capacity to create more abundance and wealth.  A $111 value. 

A total of $948 in Bonuses! 



Pay in Full $444

(or 3 bi-weekly payments of $159)

Want more one-on-one support?

The Tao of Flower Tea + 1:1 Flower Power Support

Want more one-on-one support?

Upgrade to this Option

This bundle includes 4 full weeks of 1:1 Voxer Coaching with Suzanne Zephyr, plus a 30-minute focus Joy Activation session. With Voxer coaching, you can ask questions, ask for support, get feedback, celebrate, or just have a listening ear to hold space for you as you go through the journey.

In the Joy Activation session, we will dive into what’s holding you back from experiencing more bliss and joy in your day to day life.  We will set the intention to learn not through pain and suffering, but through joy. You will be given a personal practice to activate joy.

*20% of all proceeds will be donated to Project Motherpath to support women of color blossoming into motherhood.