Sensual Manifestation

with Raw Cacao & Flower Essences

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This Saturday, I’ll be hosting a women’s masterclass on the art of sensual manifestation with the use of raw cacao and flowers. 

Saturday, August 21, 9am PST, 11am CST, 12pm EST, 7pm London

This is a FREE event

For the purposes of this masterclass, "sensual" means to engage with all the senses. It's really about the EMBODIMENT of our desires, our visions, our dreams and our purpose.

You can use sensual manifestation, aided by cacao and flower essences and/or flower teas to manifest whatever it is you desire: vision, purpose, dreams, partner, health, wealth... You name it!

When you sign up, you will receive a manifestation cacao elixir recipe and some flower tea recommendations to work with.

During this masterclass, I'll share with you some of the wisdom I've gleaned over my years of working with plants as well as in the business world. It's the marriage of the spiritual and material world.

This is my gift to you.
I look forward to sharing the time with you.

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Meet Your Hosts​

As a health and wellness practitioner, Suzanne combines the benefits of movement, meditation and holistic living with superfoods to bring about healing: emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is passionate about sharing her work with cacao, flower teas and super foods from the Middle East and Asia internationally.

Suzanne Zephyr
Master Facilitator & Feminine Leadership Coach

American by design, Suzanne has been building her experience in the world through roles ranging from a corporate oil trader to a dance and yoga teacher. Nearly 11 years ago, she took the wild leap to move to the Middle East, where worked her way up to a prestigious director level position.

She eventually left the corporate world to pursue building her passions which led to her own business, combining live events as well as corporate and private coaching. Supporting others in the journey to their heart, to finding their inner wild, to their own freedom, brings her the greatest joy.

Her personal work internationally with this plant medicine has touched over 1,000 participants, of all nationalities, races, backgrounds and religions. Her students have shared cacao ceremonies from Asia to Europe to America.

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