Lion's Gate & New Moon
Cacao Ceremony

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The Leo New Moon coincides with the Lion’s Gate this year, providing the perfect time to set some powerful intentions for the next cycle and the rest of 2021.  

Sunday, August 8, 8am PST, 10am CST, 11am EST

For Women by Women

This event is hosted by a collective of sisters, Q'orianka, Suzanne Zephyr and Lainey. Together, we weave cacao, sacred song and spiritual insight.

When you sign up, you will receive preparation instructions, including a special "Lion's Gate Cacao Elixir" recipe, custom made for this specific time. But, don't worry if you can't source all the ingredients, you can still join and receive the benefit of the ceremony.

During this cacao ceremony, we will do some luscious movement to get into our body, learn about the astrological significance of this time, and collectively set intentions.

This is our gift to you.
It's our joy to share the medicine of cacao with you.

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Meet Your Hosts​

As a health and wellness practitioner, Suzanne combines the benefits of movement, meditation and holistic living with superfoods to bring about healing: emotionally, physically and spiritually. She is passionate about sharing her work with cacao, flower teas and super foods from the Middle East and Asia internationally.

Q’orianka and Lainey, both cacao facilitators as well, have been working together with Suzanne to weave in their wisdom and guidance.  Q’orianka brings in her spiritual guidance from Peru, while Lainey offers her holistic vocal coaching and medicine songs. 

Suzanne Zephyr
Master Facilitator & Feminine Leadership Coach

American by design, Suzanne has been building her experience in the world through roles ranging from a corporate oil trader to a dance and yoga teacher. Nearly 11 years ago, she took the wild leap to move to the Middle East, where worked her way up to a prestigious director level position.

She eventually left the corporate world to pursue building her passions which led to her own business, combining live events as well as corporate and private coaching. Supporting others in the journey to their heart, to finding their inner wild, to their own freedom, brings her the greatest joy.

Her personal work internationally with this plant medicine has touched over 1,000 participants, of all nationalities, races, backgrounds and religions. Her students have shared cacao ceremonies from Asia to Europe to America.

Healer & Transformational Guide

A Peruvian native, Q’orianka is an Incan High Priestess, Healer & Transformational Guide for awakened women who want to step into their sacred destiny and live authentically in their divine essence.

Q’orianka comes from an ancient healing tradition of the Incan lineage. In her work as a priestess, she continues sharing these ancient spiritual practices and teachings as part of her ancestral legacy.

She is devoted to assisting women around the world to successfully navigate the healing process, and midwifes their rebirth into a new life through high ceremony based upon traditional Incan and Amazonian plant medicine in the sacred retreats she leads in Cusco, Peru.

Q’orianka also works with a wide range of women from all walks of life through online mentoring programs. She is currently sharing teachings and light with audiences around the world as a featured speaker in global events.

Lainey Prendeville Crawford
Holistic Voice Coach and Song Healer

Lainey Prendeville Crawford is a holistic voice coach and song healer who teaches the healing art of singing as a Spiritual practice and a sacred portal to the divine. She helps healers and creatives uncover the natural power of their voice so they can embody their full range of expression and confidently share their medicine with the world.

With a rich background in opera performance, music therapy, and vocal pedagogy, Lainey’s work
is firmly grounded in her extensive experience as  a professional musician. In addition to her music degree in voice performance, Lainey has also trained as a creativity coach, kirtan leader, ceremony facilitator, energy worker, and sound healer.

Her unique approach to the vocal healingarts is a result of the wisdom she has gained through her own vocal and spiritual journey.

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