Experience is the Medicine

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“Experiential Medicine” is a phrase I coined which means that experience IS the medicine we need to heal our heart, mind, body and soul. Our experiences have the potential to transform and heal.

This medicine comes in many forms: creating collaborative art, dancing, attending a festival, doing yoga, deep sea diving, learning to surf, mountain climbing, acroyoga, any form of adventure or activity.

These adventures can stretch our minds, connect our hearts, strengthen our bodies and feed our souls.

I am passionate about creating, leading and delivering experiences that serve your highest and greatest potential. I know the right experiences can unlock unstoppable confidence and power within you.


Wild Cacao & Flower Tea Facilitator Training

This 12 week online training builds your confidence and skills in holding beautiful circles using cacao and signature flower teas. You’ll develop your own signature touch and learn how to fill your classes with your tribe.



Sunrisers – Find Your Wild!

Waking up with the sun, we connect to our INNER wild, and support the OUTER wild. Music moves us through free-style dance, deep-house yoga, capoeira, tribal dance, acroyoga, contact dance, and other active movement.

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Tribal Jams & Cacao Cermonies

In these monthly community gatherings, we go on a journey with music, including live musicians, will carry us through a dance.

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The Spirit Oasis @ Bedouin Tech

The Spirit Oasis is a physical space, a community, an art project. Together, we build the physical space that is home to the talks, workshops and classes at Bedouin Tech.

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Working Wild

Working Wild seminars and workshops are aimed at boosting energy, creativity, purpose, connection, communication and collaboration in the workplace. By teaching a spectrum of soft skills and mindfulness, we offer a balanced approach that increases overall focus, motivation and wellness of employees.

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Dream Woman Live

This 3-day live experience gathered women of all ages and nationalities to dream together. Collectively, we support each other in realizing our wildest dreams.

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