Thoughts for 2018


Moving Forward

So my beginning of the year sales pitch is going to go something like this.  Um so we have just on this short little five day challenge about finding inner peace finding yours in Connected To Nature finding out that there is a way to flow with nature in harmony with nature that brings out more success fulfillment.

Grounded Ness and Clarity creativity within within whatever we’re doing whether that’s working for a company or working for ourselves.  And that’s just been like a short little taste and I am super excited. I’ve never been more excited actually that something in my life that I’ve created then this program that I’ve created with an amazing friend of mine Martin who embodies.

Freedom Martin was a digital Nomad before digital Nomads existed so back when Tim Ferriss was riding his book Martin was already starting out his epic adventure of exploring and learning how to work remotely and and make money and live the life that he wanted, and he’s been helping people to do that for the past 13 years now I believe so.

So he’s helped me to come up with my own strategy for launching my business. And I work with him on mindset heart set and just you know creating that that then feeling and finding flow finding Rhythm within the business, so we’re put our energies together to make this amazing course, which we’re calling 4×4 wild Freedom.

I’m wild he’s the freedom and together. We’re giving you like the kind of the wind that you need in your wing. Is to fly as well as the strategy is how to build those wings so together? It’s a it’s a really amazing combination, and this is not a short like you know online how to course this isn’t a.

You know it isn’t that it isn’t like a something you just go and you only get super inspired, but it is something that you will learn and grow and we are going to be there to support you over an extended period of time so it’s 16 weeks. It’s a four month and. With each month. We’re going to dive deep into the the cycles and rhythms of Nature and flow and how you can embody these as a person first of all and then how you can apply them to your business and whether that is within a corporate role because let’s say you’re in a corporate role in your like the I like this and I want to keep doing this then there’s a way to work within that role to make you more.

Free and effective we really really specialize in people that are starting their own business or making that transition from being in the workforce to doing your own thing and now listen. I have tried for five years to start doing my own thing to Branch out and I tried unsuccessfully several times and a lot of it had to do with my mindset a lot of it had to do with mine.

You know not believing that I could do it, and then the other part of it had to do with like. Maybe not having the strategy strategy was okay, like I felt like I was good with that, but it was you know was like I didn’t feel like I had the support to do it, and I didn’t understand at that time like how online groups worked and like there wasn’t really anybody within my immediate Vortec.

That could help me with it so so yeah, so I’m I looked at this and look at what Martin does and said okay? What are all the things that I needed to make me come out of the closet. He will and the closet being my you know like being afraid to like step up and say hey, I’m teaching this. I’m doing this what I want to do in the world and and the you know just the way of doing it like.

And I’ve been teaching and corporate office program for well over a year now where I go in and I take the things that I’ve learned in my spiritual practices. In my My Yoga practices in my meditation, and I apply them to an office setting so we do we I first started teaching yoga and offices five years ago, and I remember feeling like you know teaching this just like yoga and offices was like it was like a Band-Aid on a very big problem what I saw was that people needed to find a way to deal with like all different dimensions of themselves and their happiness within their Workforce.

So yeah, I started in offices teaching and then and then I started doing work with women, and then I started doing work one-on-one and helping people to apply this in their life now. I am super passionate about changing the system and changing the way things work. I’m passionate about actually.

Shifting the way that we work within a corporate environment and sometimes that can only be done by leaving your corporate job and embodying who it is you’re supposed to be and and stepping forward with that now that isn’t for everyone, but that if you have a feeling that you know what I’m in this office job, and I shouldn’t be here like I am your woman I can get you.

Through that process and there’s different ways of doing it, and there’s a you know the the slow easy Progress way. I can help you with that. I wish I would have liked understood that more like shifting your mindset shifting little by little there’s like the incremental way where you have like one foot in one boat, and one in another another the fucking cold turkey way, which is my favorite personal that jump off the cliff build-up build the flight on the way down now, I don’t suggest that to everyone I know.

Guess you just like go in and do that.  But you know sometimes, it’s just what has to be done like you just have to go for it. You just have to and but only do that once you done the inner work once you’ve done the leg you’re like that you have like it’s not like you’re jumping like OSHA. I have no idea what most like like no I am confident enough in.

You know my abilities, and who I am and what I can do to do this so if you’re not there yet, I can help you get there, and I can also tell you how they’ll blame and I can tell you how to work with all these different ways of doing it so that it fits into your into into you and who you are and at the same time.

We’ll work on on on what you’ve got going on because they your. Your outer world and like where you are in work is only a reflection of where you are internally in like what’s going on inside of you like where your Self Doubt is where’s your critic like what’s you know? What’s coming up for you and a lot of times as we work out these things that are going on inside of you the things outside.

We’ll just kind of naturally fall into order or not sometimes like always. It’s just that’s just the way it is so you’ve got me, and you have my business partner. Friends amazing a digital marketing specialist Martin to to help you rock it and I will let Martin post and you know give you some his feedback, but like what I can say about him.

For sure is that you know he’s got like the he’s got the bones of this thing together like he’s got the structure of you know if you want to make money you want to gain your financial Independence you want to get your project off the ground you want to take a you know a sharp knife to your business and say what’s going on here.

That’s not giving me the freedom. I want like he can totally do that and yeah, and then also I feel like for me. You know I have an MBA I have. I have experienced building companies. I have built experience building franchises across the Middle East I have experience in. Is a Financial Consultant as a financial planner?

I have experienced as a director of a spa and general manager of a spa I have the experience of being a director sales and marketing. I have started divisions within a company so. That’s like building a company within a company. I have I have experience negotiating. boatloads worth millions of dollars of oil as well as negotiating for I mean one of my first jobs was with with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and was working on the Joint Strike Fighter program and was working with the negotiation team the cost analysis negotiation team so so you know I’ve got the business since behind this and I’ve taken the time to.

Really connect with my wild Soulful crazy passionate self that that is is then now that you really United with the business self, so so that’s what I am. That’s what I bring to the table, and I am thinking I’m actually. Really good at it. I think it took me a long time so I kind of get up like oh hell like actually I’m smart and I can make things happen, and you know that getting over that and being able to like publicly say online or to anybody.

Yeah, like I’ve done this and I’m good at it, and I can help you it’s not that I want to help you necessarily like I’m not going to like hold your hand and do it for you and like you’re nobody that needs. That needs help in that way. I’m certain because you wouldn’t be working with me if you did like I’m going to be here to say.

Okay, this is my experience it worked for me, and I can help seeing you your greatness. And I can help point you in the direction of how you can apply that greatness I can point you to your own wisdom and I do that in a lot of different ways has studied yoga. I’ve studied and meditation. I’ve studied mindset.

I’ve studied and coaching life coaching. I’ve studied and what do you call it neuro-linguistic programming, and I’ve just gone. To be honest like what’s the most helpful is going really deep into into studying nature and the ways of Nature and we can call that Buddhist Taoist. I don’t know that there’s so many different religions even even Christianity Islam like there’s everyone believes in nature, so.

It just it just works. It just is and and I’ve sale of Attraction and you know I’ve played with these things. I really spent five years The Last Five Years playing with these different ways of working with the world now before that I even even like previously when I was doing my MBA and whatever things like I have always been incredibly successful with the work that I did I’ve been incredibly successful like whatever Direction.

I took. Before these five years at really exploring more. I would say like my wild feminine side. I was incredibly successful in my business school, and I you know I created company started companies did all sorts of things, but it wasn’t necessarily aligned. With who I really was and I’m sometimes you need that I definitely needed that to develop that experience and also to develop that like oh, okay, so I can do this, okay.

I kind of needed to prove it to myself that that I could do this. I need to prove like oh ok I’ve got it. So yeah. That is go out like I just keep going on and on and on, but that’s what I got that’s right. Am and I’m going to stop this now and hopefully I can translate it into words with Martin’s awesome program because otherwise it’s just going to be blah blah blah blah blah.

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