The way to the WILD within

Why wild? Inside of you, there is a wild soul that knows the way. Not just any way, YOUR WAY. Your nature. Your wild way. It’s the way you were born to be. Your deepest heart’s desires are your compass. And when you find that wild compass, your life, your dreams, YOU will unfold naturally and easily.

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Hi I’m Suzanne Zephyr!

I’ve never been much for titles, and have taken great strides to strip them away, to get to my core, my BEING.

At heart, I’m an adventurous sailorette of the soul, an explorer of the wild within and without. I’m a rock star businesswoman, as well as a free-spirited dancer, a compassionate healer and a yogi.

My heart beats of wild courage, creativity and a deep love of nature’s beauty and zen.

I believe in living life with playful curiosity balanced with continuous growth, dedicated to pursuing a peaceful state of wonder.

I believe the purpose of life lies in the direct experience of living.

I believe that life unfolds effortlessly, easily and spontaneously when we are aligned with our deepest calling. I believe that we all CREATE our own art on the canvas of life.

And I am DEDICATED to being a guide, a helping hand to my fellow explorers on the journey, sharing my own experience and wisdom to point you in the direction of yours. I’m here to help you rediscover the spark that is inside of you, to stoke the fire of the passion that lies within. I’m here to be a mirror to your own greatness, and to be your cheerleader as you build your own courage, capacity and fortitude to BE and DO your wild calling.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Explore 1:1

Explore 1:1

Diving deep into the wild within, individual support in achieving your wild dreams


Connect with a Group

Connect with a Group

Join like minded adventurers on their path to the stars, guided by your own heart’s compass.


Experiential Medicine

Experiential Medicine

Join a global experience that will unleash your wild nature and rock your world.

Real world change

FREE Wild meditation challenge

Join me in exploring the wild within, in this 5 day meditation challenge.

This is for you if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted. Basically, just out of flow with your natural rhythms. In our corporate boxes, in our apartment buildings, the bubbles of our cars, the confinement of our rubber soled shoes and high heels, we have lost touch with our connection to nature. But, more than that, we have forgotten that WE ARE NATURE!

Let’s explore! Videos and prompts will be delivered via email and our Facebook group.

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FREE! 5 Day Wild Meditation Challenge

This is for you if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted. Basically, just out of flow with your natural rhythms.

Determined to walk the talk (Wellness in the Workplace) in our own organization, I was recommended to have a conversation with Suzanne and so I did. What initially started as a de-stresser for the team members of the organization soon evolved into an exploration of creativity, balance and nature’s elements.

Suzanne takes you through a magical blend of fun, yoga and deep relaxation through an entire hour connecting across all age groups. We are excited that we have her every week & can’t wait to see what she’s got next in store.

Siddharth Peters
Siddharth Peters

Through Suzanne’s dance and words, she helped me to activate my own personal magic and the wild beauty that laid dormant.

Melissa Ramirez
Melissa Ramirez

In a moment of confusion and disappointment, Suzanne’s event, ‘Dream Woman Live’ came into my life like a breeze of fresh air. It gave me the opportunity to express my creativity, it empowered me to listen to my heart, and gave me a safe space to explore my emotions. Suzanne’s teachings have guided me through allowing my body to speak first.

Alin, Dream Woman Live
Alin, Dream Woman Live

Working with Suzanne, through events, one-on-one, and her women’s mastermind has made me feel safe and encouraged. This work has boosted my strength and helped me define, refine and clearly establish my goals.

I left with a stronger sense of self and purpose, but most importantly an incredible bond with the women of the group and finally the confidence and determination I needed to go after my dreams.

Nila, Dream Woman Live
Nila, Dream Woman Live

Dance, wilderness and freedom is what I feel when I think of Suzanne. She has such a gift for holding space and channelling all the right messages at the right time. I crave her dance classes because they helped me re-create my story of love, balance and freedom. She is a natural born healer full of wisdom. I look forward to working more with Suzanne and seeing more of my subconscious unfold.

Nadia al Shadhir
Nadia al Shadhir